Music Production


Music Production

Jaipur is famous for its rich folk music & dance. The Jaipur Gharana is widely popular for Kathak & teen Taal. Our campus is located in the heart of Jaipur.

Music production forms the backbone of the entire process of Audio and acoustic engineering. Disk Jockeying is a small yet substantial part of the entire procedure of music production. It is an extremely significant and particular process which requires a high level of expertise and encompasses various different dimensions and procedures within. We cover many stages in music production varying from composition to styles, instruments to orchestral styles and from MIDI sampling to mixing. Musicians career paths are as unique as their individual fingerprints and music production is the first step towards the development of the same. They say that Imagination paves the way towards perfection. Keeping this in mind, we help in the overall development of our students' initiatives as well as imagination so that they can effectively exercise their creativity while learning and experimentation. Proper emphasis is ensured towards an exhaustive study of all parts of the course curriculum which highlights all aspects of music production. We aim to make our students well versed with the entire process of music production and make them familiar with the entire process of Music production. Our course is designed for the modern and independent music producer and paves the way in shaping up their career. Music production is a subject which can be termed as an art as well as a science and therefore it requires the skills required in both the dimensions. We focus on generation of skills in budding Music producers so that they are the best in their respective industries. Our institute focuses on producing talented marvels who can find top and reputed positions in the Indian as well as Global music industry radar. We teach our students useful and effective strategies as well as techniques resulting in optimization of their musical skills.

The following Genres shall be covered under the above course:

Students will have a choice for an introductory course of 3 months or a 6-month detailed study course

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Fees: 50,000/-(3 months), : 75,000/- (6 months)